This place is amazing. Delicious ice cream drinks and the cocktails are the best in town! The pizza is not a regular size pizza. It's smaller but tastes delicious. The best part is that everything is made right as you order it.

Jesse M.


This place is so cool and the drinks are amazing! The guys working were super helpful with explaining the process and giving lots of insight. I will definitely be back.

Laura M.


Never before seen concept that's amazing!! Liquor and ice cream mixed together makes a beautiful cocktail. Top it off, the owner is very kind and personable!

Katy P.


The place is beautiful! So many details you'll miss them if you're not watching. Family owned and run, you're likely to be served by one of the owners. Who doesn't love chocolate covered strawberries and ??? Well I do and when I told the waiter, what he brought me was fabulous! The perfect blend of creamy, quality red wine, real chocolate and fresh strawberries. Oh but if you're out with the family, you can bring the kids. They have every kind of crazy topping the kiddos love too. I've been there twice and was so impressed. Well priced and great portions.

Toni S.


Super cool concept with unique flavors. Quiet enough for an after dinner specialty nightcap or dessert craving. Atmosphere is relaxed compared to the nearby Cincy District nightlife while still part of the action. The menu can be intimidating but the "bar tenders" will walk you through the flavors as they are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend, you'd be surprised how well liquor infused with ice cream; incredible flavors (I recommend the Cookie Monster)

Mark G.


One of my favorite places in El Paso. The ice cream is delicious, and I love how they offer cocktail drinks if you're not in the mood for boozy ice cream. Their pizza is also VERY good - highly recommend eating their pizza next time you go! Will definitely return and recommend this place to my friends and family.

Lexi M.


Delicious ice cream. Great service.

Olga G.


Is it an ice cream shop? Is it a bar? Is it kid friendly? All are very valid questions, but to have a simple answer for such a gem of an establishment does the place no justice. Nestled in and among the bars and businesses of Cincinnati Entertainment District is one of El Paso's newest revolutions of what a forward-thinking mind can accomplish: the flavor of the treats says it all!

The experience is friendly for every patron that walks through the doors, including kids who are in the company of their parents! While mom and dad enjoy their adult booze cream ice cream, the kids can nosh up the delectable pizza and alcohol-free options.

The staff is ultra friendly, and the treats are prepped fresh-to-order, so don't rush the process and enjoy the show while your mouth salivates; eagerly anticipating the rush of cold, refreshing flavor of El Paso's newest gem. Come cool with yo-bad self, and get Boozy! This place is a new favorite and it's sure to last!

Joe P.


Super cool place! Had a drink and ice cream and pizza. All were great and the service too. Would recommend.

Marcie O.


Oh wow what a delicious experience and to top it off the place is gorgeous. We had the best time.

Blanca R.


Absolutely awesome! Staff made it even better. Half the fun is watching them make the creations! Will be back with friends!



Modern, friendly and beautiful environment!

I saw videos and images on social media and knew I had to go! It was my first time with my best friend and it was just amazing! Jay was just the sweetest and very helpful! The music selection was great and the ice cream was incredibly delicious! I will be returning very soon! I highly recommend this bar! MUST GO!

Brijunee O.